Coconut Essential Oil Benefits – 12 Uses of Coconut Oil

By | March 14, 2019
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Coconut essential oil is used all over the world and has been for decades. There are lots of amazing ways to make use of this organic and natural oil, aside from just consuming it. One of the best reasons for getting coconut oil is that it has doesn’t go bad, therefore there’s no reason to worry if you’re not using it on a daily basis. So you can buy it once and use it for months! Coconut oil can also be used by individuals of all ages, so you can use it with your kids as well! Coconut oil has more hundreds of distinct uses and below I’ve outlined 12 of the most common and useful options for using coconut oil.

Coconut Essential oil

Removing Makeup
Coconut essential oil is ideal for getting rid of makeup, while at the same time softening your skin. You should use a cloth or cotton ball to apply the coconut oil and then just do like you normally would with removing your makeup. The coconut oil will soften the makeup making it possible to be removed easily.

Massage Oil
Coconut essential oil is great for massages because it softens and moisturizers your skin, not to mention it smells incredible.

All those times you’re feeling drained of energy, coconut oil could provide you with that increase in energy that you need. It’s also ideal for increasing your metabolism. Among those benefits, coconut oil also helps you to absorb vitamins and nutrients, as well as control cravings which can help you in losing weight.

Hair Treatment
Coconut essential oil is often used as a conditioner or pre-shampoo providing relief to a scratchy or dry scalp. Unlike coconut oil, many products just sit on the surface of the hair causing product build up, while coconut oil provides deep moisture.

Hair Loss
Coconut essential oil will help improve hair growth when put on the balding area 3 times a day.

You can accelerate the recovery process as well as decrease swelling and discoloration by applying coconut oil to the swollen and bruised area.

Coconut essential oil will get rid of itching and other distress on the affected area.

Reduce Greasy Skin
Applying a little bit of coconut oil to your problem area will help reduce the oil build up.

Strain Reliever
If you’re struggling with a headache, there’s a good chance that coconut oil might help you. Rubbing the coconut oil on your head in a circular movement will help to get rid of your headache and relax you.

Acid Reflux and Indigestion
Ingesting coconut oil immediately after meals will help decrease acid reflux and indigestion.

Monthly Period Cycle
Ingesting coconut oil will help to get rid of the discomfort and pain during your time of the month.

Consuming coconut oil will help stabilize blood sugar levels and help to control cravings.

The Health Wonders of Coconut Oil

We all love coconut for its subtle smell in Pina Coladas, but you have even more reasons to love this miraculous seed. Did you know that a coconut is a actually a seed, whose each and every part is useful to humans in some way or another? Coconuts come from palm trees, which are found in tropical areas and the subtropics. They are cultivated for domestic and industrial uses, all from the various parts. Now however, we’re going to talk about the medicinal benefits of coconut oil. These benefits have been around in the Indian subcontinent for centuries and have proved to be effective.

essential coconut oil

Fight Cellulite:

It is certainly ironic that a jar of full saturated fats can help you lose weight, but it has been proven true. Regular and controlled consumption of coconut oil can help you get rid of the deviously difficult muffin tops. Just a mere 30 ml a day for three months will help you lose inches from the waist.

Healing Wounds and Scars:

Coconut oil works better than most of the wound-healing creams available in grocery stores. The oil fastens the recovery of the wound and keeps away the infections. It hastens the re-epithelialization of the damaged cells. Along with that, the collagen cross-linking works better with coconut oil. It also increases the levels of the antioxidant enzymes to protect the skin. Once the wound is healed, continuous application of coconut oil can help get rid of your scars. Coconut oil is proficient in getting rid of not only wound scars, but also scars from mosquito bites, burn marks and the most stubborn stretch marks.

Treating Head Lice and Dandruff:

Both of these can put you in potentially embarrassing situations, not to forget that they are very unhealthy and can come with a host of other problems. For the treatment of both head lice and dandruff, coconut essential oil again comes to the rescue. Instead of chemical based products that may come with numerous side effects, this all-natural way is safer and more effective. For head lice, coconut essential oil should be used in combination with anise spray. Whereas, for dandruff, a simple mix of lemon juice and coconut essential oil can do wonders.

Strong Bones:

Coconut oil can even give you stronger bones! Regular consumption of coconut oil helps lessen the damaging oxidative stress in the bones. With less damage, the chances of problems like osteoporosis are significantly reduced.

Saving You From the Sun:

It may not be the easiest thing to believe, but coconut essential oil has the potential to block the harmful UV rays by almost 30%. However, if you have oily skin, you can limit the usage of coconut oil as sunscreen to the arms, legs and other body parts except the face.

Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay:

A recent study has shown that how a major component of coconut oil, medium chain triglycerides, can help increase the number of ketone bodies. Subsequently a higher number of ketone bodies are associated with better mental health and better recovery from cognitive impairments, especially Alzheimer’s disease.

Coconut oil is one of the safest products to use in all these problems. However, if you face some unexpected and unnatural effects, do not forget to consult a doctor because it may be an allergy. You can always visit to your medical expert for more clarity.

I hope that this article will help you realize the many beneficial uses of coconut oil. There are literally hundreds of other uses for coconut oil, this is just a small list to show you how awesome coconut oil truly is. If you’re having doubts check out the other posts for even more uses!

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