Customer Service and Customer Support

By | December 31, 2016
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We’ve decided to spend some time going over the importance of a good customer service. Many businesses succeed because they have a good customer support and many businesses fail without a proper attention to the customer after the product was sold. Customer support is a critical must have department that every organization must have at the highest level. It is well known that products or services fail once in a while and the first thing every customer will do is they will try contacting your customer service desk. In many situations even though the product has failed, they will be satisfied with a pleasant experience from a well-trained and professional customer service representative. In addition, you’ll be saving a customer for your future interactions.

As a business owner or manager it is your responsibility to make Customer Supportsure that your customer service department is well trained and knowledgeable on how to solve different cases and on how to work with different customers and their character. A well trained customer service should be able to handle multiple customer tempers in order to resolve the situation or customer’s disappointment. A timely solved case can save you lots of time and resources, as you’ll be spending less time on communication, it will drastically decrease the amount of time that needs to be spent on the case which will decrease an overall cost. Also, there are hidden benefits of resolving customer’s case quicker, for example: the faster you’ll resolve it, the lesser customer has to worry and the happier he/she will be when receiving the product.

It is know that bad customer service results in customer cancelling contract, less freewill to upgrade to new products and more bad word-of-mouth. Not being able to solve customer’s case is a very bad sign for the overall company. There is always a percentage of malfunctioning in products, some of them just don’t work and fail to do what’s needed, however a good customer service can resolve all problems by:

· Talking and listening to the customer
· Identifying the problem
· Taking action
· Proposing one or several solutions
· Following up with the client

Most of the time when the customer is happy you won’t be hearing from him/her; it is a small percentage of customers that willing to provide their feedback themselves and to spend their time to your benefit. However, if the product or service is not acting to its need, you’ll be definitely getting multiple calls with unsatisfied customers. Your main goal is to lower the amount of calls and to increase the quality of service performed by the customer support representatives.

Invest in your customer support and customer service to achieve highest customer satisfaction!