Essential Oils For Massage

By | October 30, 2018
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Essential Oils For Massage is used in aromatherapy sessions in most good spas. What is essential massage oil? Essential massage oil is natural aromatic oil used in massage and derived from plants. These oils are got by the distillation process and have been used throughout centuries for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

There is a renewal of interest in essential oils due to the popularity of aromatherapy massages and alternate forms of treatments. The most popular essential oils are eucalyptus oils, lavender oils and peppermint. There is a belief prevalent in the field of aromatherapy that these aromatic oils have excellent curative and therapeutic powers.

Essential Oils For Massage


Essential massage oil can be bought anywhere. You can get it in your local drug store, department store, aromatherapy shops or skin care and cosmetic stores. The prices of these oils depend on the brand of the oil, the place where you buy it from. Generally the more pure the ingredients, the more expensive they are.

When buying essential massage oil take care not to base your opinion of the quality of the oil on the strength of its aroma but on the strength of its ingredients. Oils that smell good does not necessarily mean that they are good; there are chances of some chemical aromatic substances added to it to make it more fragrant. Take the advice of a specialist or your masseur to get the best oil. It is always best to play safe in choosing both essential oils for massage and warming massage oils, as they might cause skin problems if adulterated or of poor quality.

There is a belief that our sensory faculties play an important part in our wellbeing, both physical and mental. This is the basis of aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, patients are treated with different kinds of aromas or fragrances through aromatic oils or powders or even liquids. Among these, oils are the most popular; as the herbs mixed in them give better results than through any other medium. Aromatherapy massage oil has become popular recently with the increase in the popularity of Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy massage oil is got by mixing special aromatic substances acquired through the distillation process of certain plants and herbs that have curative properties. Aromatherapy massage oil is applied on a person’s body allowing the aromatic herbs to work on the person’s skin and muscles and also on his or her senses.

Aromatherapy massage oil can be of different fragrances like peppermint, lavender, rose or eucalyptus and the oil base also could be varied. Generally a smooth viscose oil like coconut oil or olive oil is preferred, as not only are these oils easy administered during massage, the herbs also give better results if these oils are used as the base. Using aromatherapy massage oil during a course of massage therapy gives excellent results not only on the physical well being of the person but also on his or her mental and emotional wellbeing.

Everyone loves a good massage. It’s a great feeling when someone presses and kneads your tired joints and sensitive points. Though there are a lot of spas and massage centers available these days, massaging is not a new phenomenon and has been practiced throughout centuries in all the countries of the world. Massaging is best done through massage oil products that have better lubricity to ensure smooth massaging. Massage oil products are of two types. They are base oils and blended massage oils. Most massage oil products were derived from natural fats and oils before and these are still considered most suited for the human skin. Today, we have a lot of massage oil products that are derived from synthetic oils that are not good for the skin.

Massage oil products that contain paraffin and Vaseline block the pores of the skin. The oil does not get inside the layers of the skin at all and the massage does not serve any purpose other than a good rub up. Massage oil products those contain vegetable oil and fats are any day better. Natural vegetable oils contain vitamins A, B, C, D, and E and these nutrients are essential and are suitable for any skin types. Essential massage oil is used specially in aromatherapy sessions in most good massage spas.