• Flyby Massage Gun

Flyby Massage Gun

Take your massages into your own hands with the Massage Gun Deep Tissue. This massage gun is designed to give you relief from deeply set muscle soreness and aches, making it especially beneficial for athletes who want to recover more quickly after intense workouts. The hand-held product comes with six detachable heads that attach to the gun and are designed to tackle certain muscle groups in the body. Each one helps to increase blood circulation and remove lactic acid buildup in these different muscle groups, which promotes swifter recovery and better mobility.

There are three powerful speeds on this massager that you can change depending on your needs each session. Thanks to its long, four-hour battery life, you can enjoy each deep tissue massage for as long as you like. The quiet, lightweight design not only means you won’t disturb other people in the room with the noise but also allows you to pack it up and carry it with you on trips to enjoy relief on the go.

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