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  • Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor
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Hamilton Beach Juicer

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor, Big Mouth, Metallic (67608A)

For the price, this product can’t be beat .Very easy to clean, very easy to use, for the most part, the pulp comes out dry. The leftover pulp is very dry, and it even extracts a good amount of juice from fresh spinach and greens.The 800 watt motor provides a bit more tork than cheaper models. It’s pretty loud, but gets the job done. In less than 60 seconds this powerful juicer juiced carrots, apples, oranges and more. All parts are dishwasher safe except the base and motor of course.They also give you a special little brush to help you in the clean up process. It takes less than 5 minutes to clean everything in it and have it ready for the next day. Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor, Big Mouth, Metallic (67608A) is a durable, good looking juicer. At this price, no one should expect it to work miracles. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do… juice !

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