The Best Computer Desk For Gaming

As an avid gamer I have had my fair share of gaming desks and I know how important it is to make sure you get the right setup to ensure a smooth and fluid gaming experience. These days, there are so many different desk styles available it can become a little bit tricky to make the right decision.

The Best Gaming Desk

Walker Edison Corner Desk

There are several factors you must take into account before you make your purchase.

– Metal, Glass or Wood
– Desk Style
– Size of desk to accommodate your gaming gear
– Ergonomics

Lets take a look at each one and see how it will affect your comfort and experience.

Obviously, this is most likely dependent on room and available space in your home but I would recommend getting a desk slightly larger than you think you need. This allows for purchases you may make later on like a larger screen or some more gear. A lot of gamers are moving to dual monitor configurations and this can pose a problem if the screen area is not large enough. Other gamers have migrated from LED monitors to full size LED TV’s sizes which are a lot heavier and need a larger area. As you don’t really know what extra equipment you may buy down the road it makes sense to go for a slightly larger model.

Size also comes with comfort, as you will see below, and it is very important to get everything setup so you can relax and enjoy your gaming experience without worrying about put excess strain on your body. Injuries like RSI are becoming a lot more common as people spend hours in awkward positions playing their favorite games. Some of the more advanced desks have adjustments to allow the best setup for the user – screen shelves are a good example of this as you can end up with neck damage from consistently look upwards.


Styles are diverse and with many configurations to choose from it becomes a little bit harder to make the best choice. Personally, I have always preferred a corner style (or L shape) desk which allows gaming gear set out nicely on the one section and plenty of room to add printers and other gear on the side. I use my gaming PC for work as well so I get the best of both worlds with this layout as I can easily turn my chair 90 degrees and I have an instant work space.

For people with slightly smaller homes this style of desk may not fit in nicely and you are left with looking around at space saver options. There are quite of few compact models around that are perfect.

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk – 32 inch TV Stand, Charging Station, Speaker/5 Game/Controller/Headphone Storage , for example, is designed for this purpose and comes with lots of shelves and hooks for keeping headphones, speakers and other gear stowed away nicely.

On the opposite end of the scale you may be fortunate enough to have a large home with plenty of room and decide to buy a standard large rectangular model that has ample room for everything you need. Just make sure you don’t get one that is too big – I have tried that and found myself with a lot of wasted space as your arms are only so long and cannot make use of such a large area. Often large models are best suited to the office environment as opposed to home gaming.

Metal, Glass or Wood

The material you end up choosing doesn’t make a huge difference at the end of the day and will come down to personal preference. You may also want to consider the material choose based on other furniture in your home and which style would fit in the best. If you have a dedicated office/gaming room then it makes no difference. Glass often looks the best but it can be a pain to keep clean, especially as high end gaming equipment can attract a huge amount of dust.

Some gamers have stated that they prefer wood as it gives a more solid feel, especially when in a critical moment of game play that may just cause them to get a bit over excited and move around a lot. I personally have found that the majority of quality gaming desks are solid enough and do not cause any problems. Some of the cheaper Chinese kits you can buy do wobble around and are definitely not worth it. Metal frames are perfectly fine and often come with extra features such as controller, speaker, headphone shelves and hooks which keep everything tidy and out of the way.


This is perhaps one of the most critical components of ensuring you buy the right desk. Spending hours playing can cause RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries), back aches, neck aches and other associated problems. If you are in any way uncomfortable at your workstation then you need to either change the style, invest in a decent chair with adjustment or move things around. The worst damage is often done without even realizing as intense focus on the game itself causes the brain to ignore other things which can lead to painful and long term injury.
A typical injury that from sustained times in front of the PC is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which effects the area inside the wrist. This area is often under the most strain while playing for long periods so be sure your chair and desk are the correct height and you are able to support your arm and wrist properly. This particular injury can be quite painful and lead to long periods with a dull and irritating ache. You may find you have to cut down your game time if you develop problems like these toe ensure it does not get worse. Tennis Elbow is another common problem associate with incorrect posture and support while using a PC for hours each day. These injuries are just as likely to show up if you spend a lot of time working at an incorrectly configured work station as well.

When selecting the perfect desk to suit your needs keep all these things in mind to ensure your body is in a stable position and remains healthy. Ergonomics is a subject which incorporates design, comfort and aesthetics so be sure to think everything through before you make a purchase.

As you can see, there are a few things you should consider before getting your computer gaming desk to ensure you have the space to store all your gear, keep your body healthy during sustained play times and to create an area which looks good and fits in with the theme of your other home decor.

Once you have made the right decision I am sure you will have years of exciting and fun time with everything setup perfectly – tailored to you!

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

I must admit that of all the desks I have had the opportunity to either use or review the Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk, Black Glass, 29″ x 20″ x 51″  is probably my favorite. Not only does this desk look really good but it works especially well for a gaming setup. Apart from the visual appeal and unique styling it features glass, which I love, but without the usual problems. Most glass desks are see-through which is always a negative when it comes to all the plugs and cables that are difficult to hide. With the smoked black glass on the surface of this model you cannot through – also it is harder to spot the inevitable smudges, stains and hand prints which you always get with glass models. Lets take a close look at the Walker Edison desk and see why it is one of the hottest models currently available.

Walker Edison AZ51B29 Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Design and Style
At a first glance this desk has an impressive look and will certainly complement modern style decor in  the home. It also works out nicely for gaming as there is plenty of space with the two separate surfaces. The stand is very stable thanks to the use of a high quality stainless steel frame with crossbars to ensure a solid feel. The stainless has been powder coated for extra durability and to present a high quality finish. This desk will not move at all once setup, even during hardcore sessions. another essential factor for serious gaming. The 6mm glass is tempered for safety and is supplied in three separate sections. The product is also available in a silver finish with clear glass (see below) but to be honest the black looks far superior. A third model includes the black stand but ships with clear glass. With three options you are likely to prefer one over the others and you also have the option of selecting one that matches other furniture in your home.

If you look to the bottom of the image you will see a computer stand has been included which accepts a standard case – if you are using oversize cases for gaming it might work out too small. A keyboard draw has been included and as with other models you can choose which side you wish to install it. This feature is a must in my opinion as you never know how you might want to move things around in the future. The desk does not come with a shelf to accommodate a monitor but most of us will not use that anyway – prolonged gaming sessions can result in neck ache due to the slightly higher angle and I personally never use the shelf.

The corner (or L) configuration makes a lot of sense for a gaming setup as it provides plenty of space with the option to put hardware on one section and leave the other side empty for making notes or doing other work – anyone who spends a lot of time in the front of the PC will be glad for the extra room.

Assembly is relatively simple with detailed instructions that are very simple to follow.

Out of all the models on the site this desk is probably my favorite and will suit gamers down to the ground. With a sleek and modern design as well as high quality finishing this is a superb quality product with ample space that will look great in any home. With over 4500 5 star reviews at Amazon it seems most people agree.

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All your meals come in individually packaged microwaveable bags. All you have to do put your meal in the microwave and reheat it. It’s that simple. There are no messy and bulky trays. Their packaging makes it easier for you to store your food in your freezer.

This convenient packaging also makes it easy to take your lunches to work.The only thing you can lose on this diet is the weight you want to get rid of.

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Benefits of Teepee Tents

The Benefits Of Teepee Tents

Does your family love camping? Camping is a popular activity among families. It is great fun, adventurous and allows people to enjoy the outdoors. One of your first camping considerations if, of course, shelter. Shelter means a tent because you are not really camping unless you are sleeping in a tent. Large Teepee tents can make an excellent shelter for family or group outings.

There are so many brands and models of tent on the market today it can be hard to choose one. Size, price, features, and ease of setup all play a part. However, if you want to get the most authentic camping experience possible then you might consider making your next tent a teepee. It’s a really different experience and it just feels cool to use one. Teepees are perhaps the oldest type of tent. It can be traced back from the Native Americans who first used this tent.

Teepee tents were first used by the Lakota tribe, a famous Native American tribe who lived in America. There are starting to make a comeback after many people have recognized the many benefits they offer. The following are the major advantages of using and owning teepee tents. We agree that most of these benefits are aesthetic (teepees are cool) but isn’t that really what we are all looking for in our camping experience. A really cool experience.

Teepee Tents

Suitable for Any Type of Weather Conditions

One of the main benefits of using a teepee tent is that it can handle all types of weather conditions from heavy winter snows to summer heat. During winter you can heat and even cook on a small wood stove in the middle of the teepee. These wood stoves are really popular among teepee owners but did you know that you could also use a small ground fire as well – talk about authentic. Either of these methods will really warm the space and your teepee will trap the heat really well so you won’t need to tend the fire all night to stay warm and cozy.

During the summer period, a teepee is really comfortable because creating airflow is very easy. Simply open the top flaps to provide a steady breeze while still providing shield from the sun. Now your trip can be even more authentic because you won’t need electricity on your campsite. You can heat and cool your teepee without any electric gadgets like a heater or fan.

Comfortable and Spacious Design

One of the misconceptions about teepees is that they are cramped. The truth is teepee tents are very spacious assuming you get one that is the right size for your group. A huge benefit is that tall people can stand up inside without bending. The best way to plan the use of your teepee space is to think of an inner and outer circle. Sleeping and gear storage goes on the outer circle and life/fun happens on the inner circle by the fire, food, s’mores, and scary stories.


Today’s modern tents are extremely portable and easy to setup and take down. You will find that a teepee is the same or even easier to handle. Today’s modern teepees some with telescoping center poles and high-tech tie downs which can all fit into one easy to carry pack.

Where to find them

Simply search Google or for ‘teepee tents’ and you’ll find them. Try the alternate spelling ‘tipi tents’ as well. Be a bit patient while searching as you will also find lots of sites offering kids play tents.

Coconut Essential Oil Benefits – 12 Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut essential oil is used all over the world and has been for decades. There are lots of amazing ways to make use of this organic and natural oil, aside from just consuming it. One of the best reasons for getting coconut oil is that it has doesn’t go bad, therefore there’s no reason to worry if you’re not using it on a daily basis. So you can buy it once and use it for months! Coconut oil can also be used by individuals of all ages, so you can use it with your kids as well! Coconut oil has more hundreds of distinct uses and below I’ve outlined 12 of the most common and useful options for using coconut oil.

Coconut Essential oil

Removing Makeup
Coconut essential oil is ideal for getting rid of makeup, while at the same time softening your skin. You should use a cloth or cotton ball to apply the coconut oil and then just do like you normally would with removing your makeup. The coconut oil will soften the makeup making it possible to be removed easily.

Massage Oil
Coconut essential oil is great for massages because it softens and moisturizers your skin, not to mention it smells incredible.

All those times you’re feeling drained of energy, coconut oil could provide you with that increase in energy that you need. It’s also ideal for increasing your metabolism. Among those benefits, coconut oil also helps you to absorb vitamins and nutrients, as well as control cravings which can help you in losing weight.

Hair Treatment
Coconut essential oil is often used as a conditioner or pre-shampoo providing relief to a scratchy or dry scalp. Unlike coconut oil, many products just sit on the surface of the hair causing product build up, while coconut oil provides deep moisture.

Hair Loss
Coconut essential oil will help improve hair growth when put on the balding area 3 times a day.

You can accelerate the recovery process as well as decrease swelling and discoloration by applying coconut oil to the swollen and bruised area.

Coconut essential oil will get rid of itching and other distress on the affected area.

Reduce Greasy Skin
Applying a little bit of coconut oil to your problem area will help reduce the oil build up.

Strain Reliever
If you’re struggling with a headache, there’s a good chance that coconut oil might help you. Rubbing the coconut oil on your head in a circular movement will help to get rid of your headache and relax you.

Acid Reflux and Indigestion
Ingesting coconut oil immediately after meals will help decrease acid reflux and indigestion.

Monthly Period Cycle
Ingesting coconut oil will help to get rid of the discomfort and pain during your time of the month.

Consuming coconut oil will help stabilize blood sugar levels and help to control cravings.

The Health Wonders of Coconut Oil

We all love coconut for its subtle smell in Pina Coladas, but you have even more reasons to love this miraculous seed. Did you know that a coconut is a actually a seed, whose each and every part is useful to humans in some way or another? Coconuts come from palm trees, which are found in tropical areas and the subtropics. They are cultivated for domestic and industrial uses, all from the various parts. Now however, we’re going to talk about the medicinal benefits of coconut oil. These benefits have been around in the Indian subcontinent for centuries and have proved to be effective.

essential coconut oil

Fight Cellulite:

It is certainly ironic that a jar of full saturated fats can help you lose weight, but it has been proven true. Regular and controlled consumption of coconut oil can help you get rid of the deviously difficult muffin tops. Just a mere 30 ml a day for three months will help you lose inches from the waist.

Healing Wounds and Scars:

Coconut oil works better than most of the wound-healing creams available in grocery stores. The oil fastens the recovery of the wound and keeps away the infections. It hastens the re-epithelialization of the damaged cells. Along with that, the collagen cross-linking works better with coconut oil. It also increases the levels of the antioxidant enzymes to protect the skin. Once the wound is healed, continuous application of coconut oil can help get rid of your scars. Coconut oil is proficient in getting rid of not only wound scars, but also scars from mosquito bites, burn marks and the most stubborn stretch marks.

Treating Head Lice and Dandruff:

Both of these can put you in potentially embarrassing situations, not to forget that they are very unhealthy and can come with a host of other problems. For the treatment of both head lice and dandruff, coconut essential oil again comes to the rescue. Instead of chemical based products that may come with numerous side effects, this all-natural way is safer and more effective. For head lice, coconut essential oil should be used in combination with anise spray. Whereas, for dandruff, a simple mix of lemon juice and coconut essential oil can do wonders.

Strong Bones:

Coconut oil can even give you stronger bones! Regular consumption of coconut oil helps lessen the damaging oxidative stress in the bones. With less damage, the chances of problems like osteoporosis are significantly reduced.

Saving You From the Sun:

It may not be the easiest thing to believe, but coconut essential oil has the potential to block the harmful UV rays by almost 30%. However, if you have oily skin, you can limit the usage of coconut oil as sunscreen to the arms, legs and other body parts except the face.

Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay:

A recent study has shown that how a major component of coconut oil, medium chain triglycerides, can help increase the number of ketone bodies. Subsequently a higher number of ketone bodies are associated with better mental health and better recovery from cognitive impairments, especially Alzheimer’s disease.

Coconut oil is one of the safest products to use in all these problems. However, if you face some unexpected and unnatural effects, do not forget to consult a doctor because it may be an allergy. You can always visit to your medical expert for more clarity.

I hope that this article will help you realize the many beneficial uses of coconut oil. There are literally hundreds of other uses for coconut oil, this is just a small list to show you how awesome coconut oil truly is. If you’re having doubts check out the other posts for even more uses!

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