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By | May 7, 2019
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Information About Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger Best Bank is offering its customers an opportunity to win a $5000 Gift card or one of hundreds $100 Gift Cards each month by simply taking part in the customer feedback portal. Kroger is offering this amazing offer for the customers who have done shopping recently in any of its partner stores.

About Kroger:

Kroger is one of the most famous and largest revenue generating retail store in United States. You can judge the popularity of this store by checking the fact that it comes close second behind the famous Walmart and was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Kroger offers a variety of different products like dairy, frozen foods, deli, drugs, general goods, cosmetics, health products, grocery and much more which you can find on almost any large US store.

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Requirements for Survey:

1. A secure internet connection on PC or tablet.

2. Receipt of a recent Kroger store purchase.

3. Be at least 18 years of age to apply for Kroger Feedback Survey.


1. Open on your internet browser.
2. On the home screen choose “English” as your preferred language.
3. Mention the date and time of your store visit in the tab next – The date and time is printed on the receipt.
4. Then you need to enter the ID number for your transaction and you will find this on your purchase receipt.
5. After that a short survey by Kroger will be started and questions like “What departments in Kroger store you visited” and “If you found the products you were looking for” etc will be asked. Answer them

6. After the survey ends, it will ask you to rate your experience about the store.
7.Once the survey is completed you can then decide to enter sweepstakes or not. Its your own choice.

8. If you would like to enter sweepstakes enter your information and press “Submit” otherwise simply close the web browser.

The purpose of this research was to develop and examine the perceived effectiveness of a computer based drill program to provide help for customers on selection of precise statistical technique in an introductory research method course. This web site gram was administered to distinguished customers who completed the “selecting statistical technique for data analysis” chapter of the course.

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