Toddler Bath Seat

By | February 27, 2018
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As your young infant grows bigger and gets into their early toddler years you will notice that your child has already gained the strength and coordination to sit on their own so the use for a baby bath tub becomes too small – what you need to do is get your child a toddler bath seat. While some parents are fine without using a seat for their toddler it is actually very helpful for your child to feel secure and safe during their bath which is why parents still find the bath seat very useful. Before you go out and purchase any old bath seat, you want to make sure that your toddler bath seat is the right fit for you and your child’s bathing needs.

What to look for when buying a Toddler bath seat

As you already have experienced, sharing a bath with your child toddler bath seatcreates a bonding experience like no other that only parents can truly understand and appreciate. As simple as it may seem to just play with your child together in the tub really does create subtle, yet long lasting impressions on you and your baby. The personal contact and emotions that follow can only be created and shared in the bath. When your baby was an infant you were probably able to hold her in the shower and even nurse during the bath which your baby probably loved having warm, soothing water run down her back. Now as your child has grown slightly older, you can do the same with them using a toddler bath seat.

With age comes more energy in your children so bathing your growing toddler in a small baby tub not only becomes cramped, but impossible because they will not want to sit still the entire time. Now that your son or daughter has grown strong enough to sit on their own, it only makes sense that they will want to be able to swoosh around and play but you want to make sure that they are safe and not at risk of slipping and having their head dunked under the bath water. This can scare your child so that’s why having a toddler bath seat is also a good idea to help stabilize them as they play.

Another thing to consider is that if you have your son or daughter staying over at grandma’s and grandpa’s home for the day or weekend it can become tiring for them to always try to keep a young, vibrant child still during bath time. A toddler bath seat will help grandma and grandpa with giving your child a bath which is safer for everyone.

A toddler bath seat is not only there to just lock your child into place, but they are also designed to be little bath time toy stations as well. Many models come with toys that spin, make noises, or float which is a very attractive thing to the eye of a curious toddler. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to put your child into a bath seat all the time, you could vary the usage as needed but it is a good thing to have on hand when you want to give your child some extra play time without having to actually sit there holding them. You could let your child play in the tub as you casually browse a catalog or magazine right next to the tub so you both get some play time. Remember, never leave your child unattended in a bath tub that is full with water – no matter how low the level is!

That is one thing that should always be understood. Never, ever under any circumstances leave your child alone in a tub of water – even if they are secured in a toddler bath seat. If the phone rings, let it ring. If someone is at the door, let them keep knocking until you take your baby out of the seat and into a warm towel that you can carry them with you to get the door. This is the number one cause of bath time fatalities when it comes to young children – they can easily drown in even 6 inches of water because they often panic when their face is under water and the slippery bath tub doesn’t allow them to get their head out of water easily. Always watch your baby when they are in their toddler bath seat.

You should always buy a brand new toddler bath seat that is a newer, current model as it will be up the most current safety standards. You want to make sure that the leg holes are wide and that your baby can comfortably fit inside the whole seat. Avoid seats with suction cups on the bottom and avoid models with any type of rough or scratching edges or surfaces as that can irritate and scratch the skin of your child. Also check to make sure that your tub or shower floor is smooth so that your baby’s legs do not get irritated or scratched while they are in their toddler bath seat.