• Inflatable Swimming Pool

VRZTLAI Inflatable Pool

Enjoy a fun summer day with the family from the comfort and convenience of your own front yard when you bring home the VRZTLAI Inflatable Swimming Pool. This inflatable pool is spacious enough for adults and children alike to enjoy. There is enough room for two adults and three children to splash around comfortably as it is able to hold as much as 312 gallons of water within its durable boundaries at one time. The pool itself measures 22 inches in depth by 120 inches in length by 72 inches in width, allowing it to fit virtually anywhere in the yard.

The VRZTLAI Inflatable Swimming Pool is fashioned out of high quality, BPA- and lead-free naphthalene material that is resistant against wear and can outlast many seasons of use. It isn’t easy to break, meaning that no matter how much moving around is done within its confines, you won’t have to worry about it tearing and leaking water. This is due to its hot carbon, high strength PVC layer that serves as an independent airbag to further firm it up. Because it is so thick, it is impossible to tip it over, making it even safer. The bottom of the pool is thick enough to prevent the temperature from the ground getting through it, ensuring that the experience is as comfortable as possible. It is as easy to deflate as it is to inflate, letting you put it up and take it back down on a whim for summer fun anytime.

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